Wedge and Sound Film and TV Spots.

Film, TV, DVD-Bluray with a wide voice casting in different languages.

Movie theater with a Dolby approved projection booth.

Direct sound for all productions.

We create soundtracks including music and special and chamber effects. We have an extensive database of effects and music with our own libraries with computerized management and immediate access.

Sound atmosphere of live TV programs with the use of samplers, MIDI triggers and so on.

Direct connections with other studios with CODECS ISDN and IP to transmit high-quality sound in real-time point to point and point to multipoint.

Sound restoration with Pro Tools systems.

HD-SD Non-linear video editing with systems based on Adobe CS4 and Final Cut Studio, and Room Transfers with Digital Betacam, and monitoring bridges for quality control…
Broadcast copies
Format conversions
All types of Audio-Video Coding systems

Thanks to the Closed caption the deaf or the people who have problems capturing the audio signal are able to understand what is said on television or on videos.

Encrusted subtitles and subtitles for authoring. Audio narration: system used in films adapted for blind people.

Recreation of effects for movies.