With an experience of over 16 years in Sound Production and Post Production for Advertising, Film and Television, we specialize in Sound Services Programs ranging from Direct Sound to their complete postproduction, including dubbing in different languages, making full soundtracks Music and Effects, Mixes for Film, TV, DVD, BluRay surround systems and encoded in different formats.

Located in the business park in San Sebastian Zuatzu, Rec has a dynamic and versatile team, with extensive experience in the audiovisual field.


In REC we are aware that the investment in equipment and qualification of our staff directly affects the level of our work. Therefore, we make every effort to work with the best and latest technology.

HD-TV Pro Tools Apple Dolby Digital DTS

Meet Our Team


We are an Audiovisual Services Company with many years of experience and DIFFERENT. We love our work and that you can tell.

When we tackle a production WE DO OUR BEST. But, how can you verify that, if you are not customer of REC? ... Because, fortunately, you have everything recorded to check: CINEMA, RADIO, TELEVISION, ADVERTISING, SOUNDTRACKS...

There you have it all nicely done, because in REC WE ARE WHAT WE WORK.

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